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The 6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health will be organized in Rome, Italy from 3rd to 5th April, 2019.  Keynote presentations by internationally renowned speakers will provide the latest scientific information on this subject and are the backbone for a diverse program in which there is plenty of room for short communications, discussion and networking. The conference will be organized in sessions that will cover the most important topics in poultry gut health, being:

  • Gut health diagnostics
  • Foodborne pathogens
  • Pathogenesis of intestinal disease
  • Parasitic diseases of poultry
  • Immunity
  • Nutrition and feed additives to control gut health
  • Other gut health topics

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To aid in the interaction between scientists, industry, governments and all people involved in the poultry production sector worldwide, IHSIG has been organizing Poultry Intestinal Conferences over the world, with the most recent editions in Ghent, Sao Paolo and Bangkok, and an exponential increase in the number of attendants, approximating 500 in the last edition.

Now with already over 650 registered attendees and over 100 scientific abstracts, we’re looking forward to the newest findings that will be discussed by our key-note speakers as well as short presentations based on scientific abstracts from poutry professionals all over the world.

Already submitted abstracts cover topics such as novel techniques used in diagnostics, prevention of foodborne pathogens and parasites,  use of feed additives and feed ingredients to keep the intestinal microbial community in balance.

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